Andria (AB)




Andria is a performance artiste with a body as smooth as silk (and a mouth as coarse as sandpaper!!) maintenaance Andria cries “”PAMPER AHOY””

We asked Andria to choose her favourite Cornish Soapcakes products and put them in a box….this is what she chose:

HAPPY SCENTED BALM – uplifting perfume in a tin

SEAWEED & LIME SEAS SALT SCRUB – a sal scrub with the goodness of seaweed and the tang of lime


ROSE ORGANIC MOISTURISER – a daily moisturiser for all skin types

GOATS MILK SOAP BAR – for even the most sensitive of skins

CALENDULA & CHAMOMILE BALM – a little jar of this multi-purpose balm use on grazes

FLORAL ROOM SPRAY – freshen the area around you naturally

YLANG FACE SCRUB – a jar of a daily face wash with oats for natural moisture bost and exfoliator. Ylang is efffective on acne as well as mature skin: good for everyone!

SENSUAL MASSAGE OIL – a treat for the senses!

This box also contains a jar of POWDER POWER which is a ntural sink and bath cleaner